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Crevalle 33 CSF Boat Review

Let’s take a closer look at the Crevalle 33 CSF in this boat review.

crevalle 33 csf review

Crevalle took all of the desirable traits of their 24- to 26-foot models and expanded the deck to accommodate a larger group while also expanding the offshore possibilities.

The business model that’s become such a successful component of the popularity of Crevalle Boats- is to build a family boat that combines equal parts cruising amenities- with serious fishing and water activities. Every Crevalle model that we’ve tested on Best Boat shares this theme. Combine these traits with quality finish work and attention to detail and it becomes easy to understand why this brand appeals to so many.

The 33 CSF was a logical addition to their model lineup. Crevalle took all of the desirable traits of their 24 to 26 foot models and expanded the deck footprint to accommodate a larger group on board while also expanding the offshore possibilities and range into the distant blue water. The solid feeling ride offered by the 33 CSF in the big water is due in part to Crevalle’s resin infusion manufacturing process. This “CRIMP” process assures consistent material to resin proportion throughout the entire structure. Add to this the confidence in the fact that all parts are constructed in a climate controlled environment ensuring consistent curing of all resins and paints every time.

The Crevalle 33 posted some impressive performance numbers rigged with a pair of 400 horsepower Verados. From a standing start she’ll reach 30 miles an hour in just over seven seconds with a top speed of 60 MPH at 6700 RPM’s. From both the range and economy standpoint- she also put up good scores including 475 miles of range at cruise- while offering better than 1 MPG all the way up to 50 MPH with her best cruising economy coming in at 1.6 MPG at 34 MPH.

As a fishing platform- the 33 CSF provides a serious workspace in the cockpit that includes a large tackle storage and rigging console with plenty of drawer space and tackle trays along with stowaway Yeti cooler on a sliding track that doubles as a seat when deployed. A pair of 70-inch insulated fish holds are located below deck- each with a macerator.
Three 30-gallon livewells come standard and these wells are supplied by separate 1500 gallon pumps. You’ll find 11 rod holders in the gunwales in addition to a number of storage rod holders located within the pipework at the rear of the oversized hard top.

    Length: 33-2
    Beam: 10-6
    Draft: 22”
    Deadrise: 20 degree
    Weight: 8800 w/o power (10,000 w/power)
    Max HP: 900 (twin 450)
    Fuel: 300
    Base price: $340,000

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