Fly Fishing news

Durango Area Rivers Report

Ice Ice is staring to come off our local lakes and fishing is picking up. It’s Navajo reservoir game time!  Pike fishing has been decent, but smallmouth bass fishing has been on fire.

Our local lakes such as Vallecito, Lemon, Totten, Puett, McPhee are iced off and warming up.  Lower elevation has been warming up but the mid-elevation lakes are doing good as well.

Trout: Balanced Leeches 8-14, Chironomids 10-12 Scuds 18, Damselfly Nymphs 12.

Pike: EP Pike Fly, Engler’s Pike Fly.  Dougie’s Perch, The Roamer Pike Fly.

Bass: Olive, white, black, fire tiger colors of buggers, poppers, and steamers. Clousers, Low Fat Minnow, Trailer Trash Gurgler, Drop Dead Minnow.

Carp: Barry’s Carp Fly, Carp Bitter, Hare’s Ear Nymph 10

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