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This Week’s Sign of the Downfall
              <h3>A real whopper</h3>    <p>The end of Pride Month is almost here, but it can’t come quick enough for Burger King Austria because their attempt to capitalize on all the gayness went over like a pride parade at a GOP convention. They decided it would be cool to sell Whoppers with two top buns or two bottom buns, the idea being that gay customers could choose based on their preference of being a “top” or a “bottom.” </p>    <p>And then you get to choose between two endings:</p>    <p>Burger King didn’t release this statement, but they should’ve: “lettuce be clear, this was a big misteak, and we’re going to sacrifries our marketing department.” </p>    <p>I just hope Taco Bell doesn’t get any funny ideas because that “7-layer” burrito of theirs is already kinky enough. </p>                           <img src="" />

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