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Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guides in South Fl

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guides!

“Why Hire a single Guide, When You Can Hire a Team of World Class Guides and Only Pay for one!”

Welcome to the Peacock Bass Fishing Guides Dream Team
Florida Peacock Bass.com is Florida’s largest Peacock bass fishing guide service specializing in South Florida Peacock Bass fishing. We are the original, most dependable, most current, more record catches and have locations NO OTHER GUIDE SERVICE can fish. We service over (20) peacock bass lakes in the tri-county area, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Naples.

Palm Beach County in Florida provide the Lake Ida and Lake Osborne chain fishery and is the premier destination for our peacock bass fishing guide services in the entire country. Don’t forget about the hard fighting Florida Peacock bass which is located around Miami, in Airport lakes and Falls System, no better way or thing to experience while at South Beach. Ft Lauderdale offers several locations, one premier location is Markham Park. If you are visiting Southwest Florida, Naples area has  Golden Gate System a premiere location on that cost.

Florida Peacock Bass Guide Service provides Peacock bass fishing charters 7 days per week at all locations to both Florida locals and Worldwide anglers. A couple of things that separates us from other services is our experience and positive customer reviews. These are key items to consider before hiring a peacock bass fishing guide in South Florida. Our captains have tons of both.

FloridaPeacockBass.com caters to customers that travel extensively both domestically and abroad to fish with our team. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations, celebrities and athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR teams, to actors, authors, recording artists, the US Government and yes, just local and weekend family anglers looking for a great experience.

Meet our Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Team


Peacock Bass were introduced to South Florida in 1981. FlPeacockbass worked with FWC to get the commission to pass access and to import the species to the Miami area. There were NOT tanker trucks going around canals, just the FWC releasing thousands of little fry into the Blue Lagoon area by hand and trailer. The hope, promise, and idea were that these Peacock Bass would help curb some invasive freshwater fish species, and the possibility of creating a multi-million dollar sportfish market in the freshwater of South Florida inland areas.
Now decades later and after several stockings, we have what we hope for. The Florida Peacock Bass has become one of the top freshwater gamefish in South Florida and is known around the world that the United States has Peacock bass. For resident anglers, most of which were either growing up and having fun have released many and seen the progression first hand. From this process, South Florida has established some of the best local Florida peacock bass fishing guides you can find.

Florida Peacock Bass was one of these pioneering Peacock bass fishing guides service that has outlasted all the others. Fl Peacock bass has scratched the Peacock bass off more anglers bucket list than any other, look no further we offer local experts, with a proven track record and A++ success streaks.

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