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FishWest, Galvan Fly Reels Rush Light Fly Reels – Clear – R-8

Galvan Fly Reels Rush Light Fly Reels – Clear – R-8


Galvan’s Rush Light fly fishing reel is an updated, lighter version of their revered Rush fly reel. This version features new, more extensive porting to reduce overall weight, and Galvan’s hallmark Torque drag system. The Torque drag system features state-of-the-art self-lubricating, thermoplastic and carbon fiber disc drag to offer long-lasting, consistent performance. Fly anglers looking for a great performing, rugged fly reel need to look no further than the Rush Light by Galvan. Machined aluminum Low startup inertia T2 anodizing for maximum protection and long lasting finish Easily switches from left to right retrieve.
Our Retail Price 370.00 Our Sales Price 370.00

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