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FishWest, Nautilus NV-G Reel – Brushed Silver – 9/10 Left

Nautilus NV-G Reel – Brushed Silver – 9/10 Left


Nautilus designed the NV-G Reel on their respected NV platform, and added even more capacity and faster retrieval rates that come in handy when fighting the fish of a lifetime. The lightweight CNC-machined aluminum frame is strong and rigid while a lighter G Spool adds superior arbor backing capacity and unbeatable fly line pick up speeds. The vented design of the G Spool also allows backing to dry extremely fast which eliminates corrosion. The CCF disc braking system features Activseal which repels grit and debris. The innovative design of the all-water Nautilus NV-G Reel is built to perform on salty flats, coastal rivers or your local trout stream. G Spool superior arbor design Lightweight CNC-machined frame and spool Sealed CCF disc drag braking system.
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