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During the first few
months of the year, whether flyfishing or using light tackle gear, there is plenty of
action on the Key West flats. The best targets are huge Barracuda,
schools of Jack Crevalle and tackle-busting size Sharks. If the weather warms and stays
consistent, Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit can be found as well. But for the majority of the winter
season, I fish long and hard for trophy Barracuda. If you have never fished for Barracuda
with me, you should. I guarantee you’ll love it!

Tarpon Fly
March Key West, Florida is the Permit flyfishing capital of the world. Fishing opportunities for
elusive Permit are strong this month. If you prefer flyfishing, you’ll get lots of shots
at Permit, however winds are strong, so good casts are important. Tarpon
start showing up in consistent numbers in the channels of the Lower Florida Keys. Live
baiting for Tarpon in the channels provides the most consistent action. Don’t forget Bonefish. Bonefish get very active after the long winter. They
prefer the warmer water temperatures of the flats, and the fishing for them heats up as

Permit Fly
April Pull out the flyrods and
lets go flyfishing! The Tarpon are here in all sizes in the
lower Florida Keys. We’ll work the edges of channels and flats in search of the silver
king. I love catching the first big Tarpon of the season just as much as the last.
Key West Permit fishing takes a step back as most of the
big fish have moved off of the flats to spawn. Bonefishing in
April remains very consistent on the flats.

Bonefish Fly
May May is known as one of the
best months for solid Tarpon flyfishing in the Lower Florida
Keys with shots all day and numerous potential hook-ups on fly. I prefer fishing for
Tarpon earlier or later in the season because of the intense boat pressure, so I spend a
lot of time flyfishing for Bonefish as well as Tarpon. Let’s not forget the Permit who
start to show up again on the flats at the end of the month.

Tarpon Fly
June Tarpon
season is still running strong in the Florida Keys. Fish are still cruising the flats
strong and eating flys well. Early morning starts help beat the heat in Florida this time
of the year. Permit flyfishing is very strong on the flats;
there’s lots of big fish that are very hungry. Bonefishing in
the backcountry is hot as well. June is an awesome month! There’s so much going on!

Permit Fly
July Let’s go flyfishing. July
is my favorite month to fish in the Florida Keys. The fishing pressure is way down and the
fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit cannot get any better. July is the best month to try for the
elusive Grand Slam. Hot calm weather makes for the most
intense Key West morning sunrises all year.

Bonefish Fly
August Flyfishing for resident Tarpon offers some very awesome action early in the morning so I
like to get an early start. There’s tailing Bonefish on every
backcountry flat and schools of Permit rushing the flats as the
tides flood. August is another month when the pressure is low, and that allows us the
ability to flyfish anywhere and whenever we want to.

Tarpon Fly
I cannot stress how good
the Bonefishing is here in the Lower Florida Keys. September
and October are the most consistent months for great Bonefishing on the ocean flats and in
the backcountry. Weather can be exciting but so is the
flyfishing. Baby Tarpon are common on the flats as well as
elusive Permit.

Permit Fly
November Tarpon
and Bonefishing stays good until the first few cold fronts hit
Key West, after that it cools down a bit. However, flyfishing for Permit
in Key West remains good. November marks the month that the Barracuda,
Sharks and Jack Crevalle make
awesome appearances on the flats.

Bonefish Fly